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Why use a registered electrician?

The most important reason is that using a registered electrician is your guarantee that the work is completed in accordance with the most up-to-date safety regulations. These regulations are updated regularly to include new products, e.g. electric vehicle (EV) chargers, and changes that have been introduced to increase consumer safety.

Any changes made to your homes electrical installation (add a socket, lighting point or EV Charger) must be caried out by a registered electrician and an installation certificate issued. These certificates are very important and can be requested by a purchaser's solicitor when you decide to sell your home. An installation can also be requested by your home insurer if you make a claim for damage to your home which may be caused by an electrical fault.

All registered electricians are undergo an annual inspection by their registration body, e.g. NICEIC, to ensure they meet the required standards of skill and knowledge. The electrician must satisfy the assessor in order to continue to undertake electrical work and issue installation certificates.

Registered electricians must have public liability insurance. ROK Electrics Limited also offer a 12 month labour warranty in addition to the product warranty offered by the manufacturer/supplier of any equipment/products installed.

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