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Equestrian Specific Electrics

As we are located in Haslemere, we are surrounded with equestrian facilities and due to the fact we have horses in the family we have built up a lot of connections in the equestrian world and must have worked in more equestrian yards than the average electrician.

Over the years we have installed most electrical devices that are in the equestrian world, from solariums to "Gale Breakers" and have recently been fitting a lot of "day light" lighting systems in stables to prevent the horses growing such a thick winter coat. 

We have also been involved in the design and installations of the electrics for indoor schools and entire yards, and obviously we commonly work on the basics like flood lights and sockets.

If you need a highly trained and skilled electrician please contact us.

Evening sunset of a stable building with recessed lights, designed and installed by ROK Electrics

A stable yard we wired when new, including waterproof down lights in the overhangs, an electric water heater for a warm horse wash and a CCTV system with remote access to keep an eye on the horses and equipment 24/7.

Ex Race Horses Jack Cairo and Mithian on Fensham Common, looking at the view

Ex race horses,
Jack Cairo & Mithian
on Frensham Common taking in the view

Our Own Experience

Animals with four legs (quadrupeds) are at higher risk of injury from electric shock than humans, and as all horse owners know, stable yards and other equestrian facilities can be very harsh environment for electrical installations, or anything else for that matter. Wether it is a stray jet of water from a hose pipe or a bitey thoroughbred an understanding of the potential hazards is imperative to be able to design a suitable electrical installation, and ensure a relaxed environment for all while the work is being carried out.

If you need a highly trained and skilled electrician please contact us.

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