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Garden Lighting 
Design & Installation

Garden Lighting

We carry out a lot of garden lighting design & Installation. In 2008 we started working as a sub contractor for PC Landscapes Ltd, since then we have worked on dozens of their projects and dozens more for other landscape designers and landscapers. We also carry out design and installation independently of other companies. These projects vary in size and budget from a few lights up a garden path to a project we completed in 2022 which was a 63 acre estate with nearly 300 lights  If you have a project where you need design and or installation of garden lighting please contact us.

Driveway and garage lighting designed and installed by ROK Electrics

Driveway and garage lighting designed and installed by us.

High quality garden lighting project installed by ROK Electrics

This is a garden lighting project we completed with P C Landscapes Ltd. It won a highly prestigious BALI award.

Our Experience

Over the last 15 years we have been through many iterations of lights, cables and connections for garden lighting, we currently use LED lights and control them with remote switches giving the ability to control the lights with switches timers and apps. 

We work closely with our garden lighting supplier "Landscape Plus" with whom we have a very good relationship. Due to this we get the best support and product information available which ensures anything we install is of the highest quality.

If you need a highly trained and skilled electrician please contact us.

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