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EV Charger Installations

Our goal is to provide you with top-notch electric vehicle charger installation services that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

As electric vehicles become more popular the EV charger market is going to quickly grow in size and complexity, thats why we ensure we stay up to date with all the latest technology and grants, so you don't have too.

We are fully registered to recoup all grants available at the time of installation through the OZEV grant scheme. If you need a highly trained and skilled EV installer please Contact us

Myenergi zappi 7KW EV charger installed by ROK Electrics

This is a myenergi Zappi V2.1 with tether we fitted to replace a Tesla V1 Charger that failed.
(after 7 years service)

The inside of a Rolec EV Charger Installed by ROK Electrics

When we started fitting EV chargers in 2016 there were 3 devices inside the charger, things have really changed!

Expert EV Charger Installations


We often carry out the EV Charger installations that many other companies can't complete, for example, EV chargers that are remote from the main house or office, or installations that require a bit more thought and ingenuity to get the required results. 

We also insist on providing a free site visit and estimate. This not only ensures there are no hidden surprises when the bill arrives but also enables us to understand your requirements and to investigate the installation requirements e.g. fuse board, type & location, cable run lengths etc.

With decades of experience as an electrical contractor, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to design and install any make and model EV charger in any location.

If you need a highly trained and skilled EV charger installer please Contact us

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